Join us at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts for an evening of gourmet food, hosted bar, live entertainment and our signature auction (live and silent) featuring fine art and other unique non-art auction packages. The Spectrum Annual Gala is a gathering of community members, civic leaders, artists, art collectors and mental health professionals who support Access Institute – San Francisco’s Mental Health Safety Net.


2017 Art Auction Gallery (partial list – please check back as art will be added weekly) 

Vershina Bramble
How the little dog laughed
Untitled tintypes, from the series "Exercises for Moving in Between"
Room 8
Beagle Channel (Edition: 1 of 3 + 1 A/P)
Stratum Series
He Rests in No Less Peace than Kings
A brick from the Great wall
M+B, 7-13-09
No Picnic
Oil Man (Homage to Orozco)
Mona Lisa
Solar System
Portal #6
Torso auf Delos
Flag By The Wreckage
Harvey Milk in front of his castro Street Camera store circa 1977
Silkies and Eggs (one)
Hudson River #3
Self Portrait in Blue
31 Flavors Invading Japan/Today's Special
Epistrophe # 7
Mousetrap No. 2
Summer of Love
From the granite cliffs, and with eyes wide open, we stare at the future
Fire Hose
Confluence 1/5
In the Garden
Self inflicted
EQ Redefined, 1600-82
Bull Moose
Mylar Reveries, Imminent Mirrored
Sepia Monochromatic Harmony
The Curve of Forgotten Things
Emptied Space
A Sin, A Final Course, No Antidote To Her Embittered Kiss
Kristof the Cashmere Goat
all aboarddddddah!
Synergy II
Topos No. 5