Join us at Spectrum!


Everyone deserves a fair shot at the American Dream. Yet, accessing opportunity in today’s competitive economy can seem like an overwhelming burden for too many in our community. Fortunately, for people seeking help from Access Institute, restoring mental health is the first step toward completing an education, envisioning a new life course or finding the courage to seek a new opportunity. Every day, our therapists provide vital support to hundreds of Bay Area residents working to make the changes necessary to achieve their dreams. Join us at Spectrum, Access Institute’s annual fundraiser and  be part of making those dreams come true.


Honorary Host Committee
  • Catharine Clark
  • Greg Davis
  • Douglas Denton
  • Lorye George & Robin Reed
  • Julie Henderson & Tom Willis
  • Nancy Kokolj
  • Jeff & Laurie Ubben
  • Gary Wiss


Art Curators
  • Courtney Carrino
  • Douglas Denton


Event Committee
  • Louise Brodie (Co-Chair)
  • Connie Cormier (Co-Chair)
  • Courtney Carrino
  • Laila Essmidi
  • Carrie Evenden
  • Elina Frumerman
  • Kate Goepferd
  • Bart Magee
  • Stephen Sabin
  • Lee Slome
  • Aggie Quinn
  • Gary Wiss
  • Kristi Witt